Construction & Reclamation

Construction & Reclamation

Blackbird excels in construction and reclamation support, providing practical plans, surveys, and monitoring, ensuring smooth processes and positive outcomes for your projects.
pipeline construction in hilly landscape

Services for Construction & Reclamation

Blackbird’s seasoned professionals offer a diverse range of construction support services, guiding projects from inception to final reclamation. Our expertise extends to navigating regulatory nuances, such as the Migratory Birds Convention Act, and fulfilling client expectations through effective communication and implementation of Construction Environmental Management Plans and Environmental Protection Plans.

Additionally, we leverage RPAS technology, operated by certified equipment operators, to provide real-time project progress updates. With a wealth of experience on active construction sites, our dedicated team diligently works to ensure successful construction outcomes for our clients.

Construction & Reclamation

Blackbird’s experts provide end-to-end construction support, spanning project layout to final reclamation. We guide you through regulatory complexities, addressing statutes like the Migratory Birds Convention Act, and ensuring alignment with Environmental Management and Protection Plans. Leveraging certified RPAS technology, we deliver timely project updates. Backed by our seasoned staff, we are committed to realizing your construction objectives in dynamic job site environments.

We’re pros at making sure environmental features and values are protected throughout all phases of construction, often through common-sense, practical environmental protection plans (EPP), construction environmental management plans (CEMP), and erosion & sediment control plans (ESCP) that are carefully tailored to each site’s risks and needs.

Many biology reports, EPPs, etc., are prepared years before an industrial project is kicked off, and a lot can change in that time. Our biology team routinely completes pre-disturbance surveys to help our clients effectively identify and protect migratory birds and their nests, wildlife habitat features, streams and riparian areas, and amphibians and their breeding areas.

Blackbird is a team of seasoned environmental professionals who help clients keep their projects on track and comply with regulatory requirements, permit conditions, and other commitments. Sometimes, site conditions change on the fly, and we keep our clients going through effective communication and common-sense, real-world solutions.

We do fish, amphibian, and reptile salvage, turbidity monitoring, in-stream work supervision, as well as monitoring of trenchless crossings on all sorts of streams. We also do a lot of journaling, professional development, and networking with other professionals, but that’s a bit beside the point here. What matters is that we’re very good at supporting in-stream work and have adequate processes to support our clients’ decisions with complete, timely information.

Featured Projects

Moving 400,000 m3 for fish habitat in prime BC farmland needs expert agrologists. Blackbird's team salvaged topsoil, met permits, and ensured project success with updates, GIS, drones, and hands-on problem-solving.


From fisheries assessments to wildlife, habitat, vegetation management strategies, our expertise ensures responsible and efficient project support.
Blackbird’s Agrology services leverage a deep understanding of the BC Peace Region's agricultural landscape while providing support for natural resource development projects.