As a Blackbird team member, you’ll contribute to solving complex ecological problems and embark on a rewarding adventure that prioritizes growth, trust, and a genuine passion for nature.

Collaborative Solutions for Ecology Challenges

Welcome to Blackbird, where passion meets purpose. Founded in 2014, Blackbird has grown into a dynamic team of professionals dedicated to solving complex ecological problems together. Our commitment to prioritizing people, building trust, and pursuing growth forms the foundation of our approachable, friendly, and professional brand.

At Blackbird Environmental, our commitment to excellence extends across the fields of Agrology, Biology, Construction and Reclamation. Joining our team means being part of a company that leaves a lasting imprint in crucial industries such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Transmission, Government and NGOs, Aggregate Operations, and Agriculture.

We don’t just work; we embark on adventures, exploring the diverse landscapes of northeastern British Columbia. As a nature-loving community, we find inspiration in our surroundings, from the tranquil Liard River Hot Springs to thundering Kinuseo Falls. Our team embodies a genuine passion for environmental stewardship. From soil and wetland assessments to vegetation identification, we chase knowledge, thriving on the variety that environmental consulting offers.

Our Values

We Prioritize People

Friendly and genuinely interested, we prioritize listening over talking, caring about emotional and physical health. We easily give credit, admit mistakes, and communicate effectively with clarity, compassion, and empathy.

We Build Trust

We honor commitments, maintain trust from peers, clients, and communities. Understanding the big picture, we contextualize actions, simplify processes, use resources efficiently, and transparently own both successes and failures.

Our Growth Mindset

Dedicated experts, we tirelessly improve and innovate to meet client needs. Pursuing knowledge, we embrace discomfort to learn and grow, fostering openness to feedback and ideas without taking critique personally. We love challenges!

Meet The Team

Our journey is not just professional; it’s personal. Our team is united by a love for nature and a commitment to excellence. We invite you to join us on this adventure, where every project is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make a lasting impact on the ecology of our beloved region. Solving complex ecology problems together is not just a tagline; it’s the essence of who we are at Blackbird.

President/Project Manager

Since founding Blackbird in 2014, Matthias Loeseken, our President and Project Manager, brings a diverse skill set to his role, managing projects, driving business development, overseeing accounting, and leading HR efforts.

Project Manager

Kim Cimini brings extensive expertise in project management, client liaison, and staff training.

Project Manager

Local powerhouse, Erin Maxfield, orchestrates projects with precision.

Office Administrator

Joining Blackbird in early 2022, Donna Poitras brings a rich background from the pulp and oil and gas industries.


As an experienced biologist, Angela brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted love for the environment to Blackbird.


Since joining Blackbird, Kristyn Brody has been a dedicated crop specialist, monitoring fields for wildlife impact and utilizing her GNSS and RPAS expertise.


Rachel Kalkman is a dynamic force. She is a Fort St. John native and a proud graduate of the University of Victoria, where she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.


Emily Hedges is a Fort St. John local who grew up immersed in the local agricultural community.


Rachel Bianchi, a Fort St. John local, is registered with the BC College of Applied Biology.

Join the Blackbird Team

Are you ready to spread your wings and soar to new heights in the realm of environmental consulting? Blackbird invites passionate and curious individuals to join our dynamic team, where you’ll contribute to solving complex ecological problems and embark on a rewarding adventure that prioritizes growth, trust, and a genuine passion for nature.