With a proven track record in designing and executing research projects in the BC Peace, we collaborate with private landowners, producer associations, and industry partners to elevate agriculture.

Services for Agricultural Producers

Blackbird has an extensive track record designing and delivering agricultural research projects in the BC Peace.

We thrive on collaborating with private landowners, producer associations, and industry partners to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions. Whether it’s pioneering precision farming, crop damage investigations, using remotely piloted aircraft systems
in agriculture, or exploring research on native and agronomic seed mixtures for sites impacted by industrial activities, Blackbird is your dedicated partner.

Our Professional Agrologists (PAg), deeply rooted in the agricultural landscape, bring a passion that sets us apart. Blackbird’s commitment to excellence is evident in our unique integration of agrology, biology, remote sensing, and reclamation support services.

Our Core Expertise

Unified Solutions

Blackbird's diverse team combines expertise in ecology, agriculture, and industry, providing unique problem-solving at the intersection of industrial projects and agriculture in northeastern BC.

Regulatory Insight

Blackbird adeptly navigates BC's evolving resource rules, offering timely advice on environmental aspects through ongoing professional development and strong industry networks.

Ongoing Innovation

Blackbird excels in modern technology, acquiring, processing, and presenting spatial data seamlessly for projects—be it from satellites, aerial imagery, or our remote aircraft systems.

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Our Reviews

“The Blackbird team has always been responsive, and with an exceptional understanding of the agricultural sector and has helped us overcome various challenges.”
- Project Lead
“Beyond Blackbird’s technical expertise is professionalism and outstanding communication skills. They have an ability to adapt to changing circumstances and find creative solutions, which has been invaluable.”
- Operations Manager
“At Blackbird Environmental, local expertise meets common sense problem-solving and big-picture thinking. A unique blend that delivers effective solutions and a visionary edge.”
- Civil Construction Superintendent