Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Our registered professionals have extensive experience working on a wide variety of oil & gas projects, ranging from in-stream work for water intakes to large-scale pipeline construction projects.
pipeline construction in hilly landscape
Pipeline under construction

Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

Blackbird is at the forefront of supporting the oil and gas environmental sector through its expert consultancy services. With a team of seasoned professionals and a wealth of experience in the industry, we provide comprehensive solutions that balance today’s energy needs with a sustainable future.

Our consulting services encompass environmental assessments, impact studies, and mitigation strategies, ensuring that oil and gas projects align with the highest ecological standards.

We collaborate closely with industry leaders, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative approaches to minimize ecological impact, reduce waste, and promote responsible resource development.

Blackbird’s commitment to excellence in applied natural sciences drives the effective, environmentally responsible results that propel the oil and gas sector toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Our Core Expertise

Unified Solutions

Blackbird's diverse team combines expertise in ecology, agriculture, and industry, providing unique problem-solving at the intersection of industrial projects and agriculture in northeastern BC.

Regulatory Insight

Blackbird adeptly navigates BC's evolving resource rules, offering timely advice on environmental aspects through ongoing professional development and strong industry networks.

Ongoing Innovation

Blackbird excels in modern technology, acquiring, processing, and presenting spatial data seamlessly for projects—be it from satellites, aerial imagery, or our remote aircraft systems.

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Our Reviews

“Blackbird provides everything from preliminary project reviews, assessments, mitigation reports and on-site project management for all oil & gas activities in the Fort St John Area.”
- Team Lead, Surface Land
“Blackbird provide excellent service. A consultancy that does it right. They are interested in solutions that the client can maintain.”
- Director, Environmental
“Blackbird's proactive approach and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure projects are a success is truly what sets Blackbird apart.”
- Operations Manager