Blackbird’s Agrology services leverage a deep understanding of the BC Peace Region’s agricultural landscape while providing support for natural resource development projects.

Cultivating Agricultural Proficiency

The BC Peace Region produces over 80% of British Columbia’s yearly grain, legume, and oilseed crops. Operating in an area with such a strong agricultural backbone requires experience and expertise.

Blackbird’s deep and unique understanding of the agricultural and other natural resource sectors enables our staff to support natural resource development projects effectively in a way no other environmental services company can offer.

We know our soils and plants and what it takes to meet reclamation and restoration objectives on time. Blackbird can help you with crop damage assessments, weed management plans, drainage planning, and topsoil salvage plans as part of an integrated mine development and reclamation plan and a wide range of ALC and OGC non-farm use applications.

Soils & Agrology

At Blackbird, we’re armed with profound insights into local soils and plants. Our knowledge of agriculture and natural resources positions our team to champion resource development projects.

From meticulous pipeline reclamation assessments to innovative mine development & reclamation plans, we handle a spectrum of services, including Schedule B post-disturbance assessments, pipeline clean-up, crop damage investigations, re-vegetation and native revegetation planning, gravel pit reclamation updates, ALC & MEMPR reporting, weed and integrated pest management plans.

We dig soils. Literally and figuratively. Knowing what type of soil you have allows you to properly lay out industrial sites so that soil fertility is preserved for later, and our team of agrology professionals can provide that information (and a lot more) through a baseline soil survey.

When later comes around and a project nears the end of its lifecycle, a sound, real-world reclamation plan allows you to restore the unique ecosystem that occupied the site before. We have extensive experience restoring ecosystems in all habitat types in northern BC, ranging from boreal forest wetlands to some of BC’s best farmland.

We’re based in the breadbasket of BC, and our Professional Agrologists (PAg) and Technical Agrologists (TAg) can help when things aren’t growing as they should. We have ag professionals with extensive experience completing crop damage assessments, soil sampling programs, herbicide residue testing, and riding on combines while consuming copious amounts of coffee.

Invasive species can out-compete native plants, outright ruin a habitat restoration project, and even create serious fire hazards. Having spent well over ten years managing invasive species in the Peace Region of BC, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to invasive species. We proudly turn that knowledge into effective pest management plans for our clients.

Featured Projects

Moving 400,000 m3 for fish habitat in prime BC farmland needs expert agrologists. Blackbird's team salvaged topsoil, met permits, and ensured project success with updates, GIS, drones, and hands-on problem-solving.


Blackbird excels in construction and reclamation support, providing practical plans, surveys, and monitoring, ensuring smooth processes and positive outcomes for your projects.
From fisheries assessments to wildlife, habitat, vegetation management strategies, our expertise ensures responsible and efficient project support.