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Duz Cho Construction | Wilder Creek Littoral Fish Habitat

When you need to move almost 400,000 m3 of material to create important shallow-water fish habitat surrounded by some of the best farming soils in BC, you want to make sure you have Professional Agrologist on the team that know what they’re doing. In the case of the Wilder Creek Littoral Fish Habitat project, that was us!

Blackbird’s PAgs helped to make sure all topsoil was salvaged without being admixed (i.e., diluted with less fertile subsoil) and spread evenly to meet all permit conditions imposed by the BC Agricultural Land Commission. Combine that with detailed project updates, GIS and drone support, practical problem solving on a myriad of details that come up during such a project, and what feels like hundreds of soil pits to check topsoil depths, Blackbird’s agrology team helped to keep this project on track with its budget and its timelines.

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