Power Generation & Transmission

Power Generation & Transmission

Blackbird excels in the realm of power infrastructure projects, offering timely and cost-effective solutions through collaboration with stakeholders, clients, and our experienced team of professionals.
Support of the high-voltage power line. Winter mountain landscape.

Services for Power Generation & Transmission

Nestled in Fort St. John, Blackbird thrives amidst the dynamic landscape of current and upcoming power infrastructure projects. Our strategic location aligns with our work and translates to time and cost savings for you.

Having seamlessly collaborated with project proponents, stakeholders, government agencies, and private landowners, we’ve ensured timely deliveries across a spectrum of power projects. From nuanced maintenance programs for substations to the grandeur of large-scale transmission line construction, our unique blend of natural sciences, remote sensing, and construction support services, delivered by seasoned professionals, distinguishes us. We take pride in offering comprehensive services in agrology, biology, as well as construction and reclamation.

Our Core Expertise

Unified Solutions

Blackbird's diverse team combines expertise in ecology, agriculture, and industry, providing unique problem-solving at the intersection of industrial projects and agriculture in northeastern BC.

Regulatory Insight

Blackbird adeptly navigates BC's evolving resource rules, offering timely advice on environmental aspects through ongoing professional development and strong industry networks.

Ongoing Innovation

Blackbird excels in modern technology, acquiring, processing, and presenting spatial data seamlessly for projects—be it from satellites, aerial imagery, or our remote aircraft systems.

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Our Reviews

“Blackbird is interested in solutions that the client can maintain instead of the usual cumbersome resource-heavy ideas of some of the bigger guys.”
- Director, Environmental
“Blackbird pinpointed the problem, provided solutions, and predicted and confirmed when the problem would no longer be an issue.”
- Regulatory & Environmental Specialist
“Blackbird's quality of work is unmatched and they will be our go-to environmental experts for years to come.”
- Team Lead