Aggregate Operations

Aggregate Operations

Blackbird’s extensive experience and unique integration of agrology, biology, and remote sensing make them your first choice for the development, permitting, and reclamation of quarry and gravel projects.

Services for Aggregate Operations

Navigating the complexities of aggregate operations demands a partner with proven expertise at every stage. At Blackbird, we bring extensive experience to the forefront, offering specialized assistance throughout the permitting, operation, and reclamation phases of quarry and gravel pit operations in northern British Columbia.

Whether you need a Notice of Intent (ALC) or a Notice of Work (MEMPR), we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to guide you. Our GNSS and remote sensing technology enable us to conduct precise original ground surveys and gather data to calculate reliable stockpile volume estimates.

Our seamless integration of natural science, remote sensing, and construction support services sets us apart. Manned by seasoned professionals, our unique approach delivers results and ensures a comprehensive understanding of aggregate operations’ ecological and operational intricacies.

Our Core Expertise

Unified Solutions

Blackbird's diverse team combines expertise in ecology, agriculture, and industry, providing unique problem-solving at the intersection of industrial projects and agriculture in northeastern BC.

Regulatory Insight

Blackbird adeptly navigates BC's evolving resource rules, offering timely advice on environmental aspects through ongoing professional development and strong industry networks.

Ongoing Innovation

Blackbird excels in modern technology, acquiring, processing, and presenting spatial data seamlessly for projects—be it from satellites, aerial imagery, or our remote aircraft systems.

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