Peace Region Agricultural Drone Field School 2020

More and more agricultural producers in the BC Peace own drones and use them to support their businesses (e.g. for field scouting or to document wildlife damage).

However, drone operations are subject to some licensing requirements and it’s not always clear on how to use them effectively for a specific purpose. In short, there are some important legal requirements and there is a fair bit of trial and error involved. We’ve been working on this part (particularly the errors) for over five years, and would like to help you get started on using drones more effectively. 

COVID-19 has changed many of our plans, including some of the ambitions of the 2020 Peace Region Agricultural Drone Field School.

Instead of offering classroom training to prepare agricultural producers in the BC Peace for their online drone pilot exam, we have partnered with Coastal Drone Co. to offer extremely affordable online drone pilot training to agricultural producers in the BC Peace.

This at-your-own-pace course will prepare you to confidently take your Transport Canada drone pilot online exam for basic operations and become a safe, knowledgeable drone pilot.

As part of the agricultural field school in 2020, we will provide access to Coastal’s Basic Training Package at a subsidized price of $30 (regular price is $95). This extremely well prepared course takes only a couple of hours, provides you with the skills and abilities needed to be a drone pilot, and helps you prepare for Transport Canada’s RPAS Basic Exam which you will need to pass in order to start flying legally. 

To get the course at this price, please use the contact form below to sign up, and we will provide you with all the information you need to get going.

We will provide ongoing support for any of your questions throughout this process.


We’re very excited to have you join us!

Please fill in your information below, and we’ll get you going right away! All information collected is strictly confidential, will not be disclosed to any third-parties, and will only be used by Blackbird directly to administer this project.

Secure payment processing is provided by STRIPE.

Funding for this project is provided by BC Hydro’s Peace Agricultural Compensation Fund.
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