Blackbird's Values

Blackbird is defined by its people, who are working hard to better themselves and provide industry-leading solution to our clients.

Professional Accountability & Credibility

Our people are our strength. Blackbird’s registered professionals take pride in taking responsibility to support crucial decisions, and work hard to maintain the ability to provide innovative solutions through memberships and active involvement in professional associations, as well as through continuous personal and professional development.

Respect & Trust

Virtually all decision-making in the sustainable management and development of natural resources is based on considerations of differing views offered by stakeholders. Blackbird is continuously building trust with clients, landowners, regulators, First Nation representatives, and industry stakeholders by showing consideration for varied perspectives and needs throughout our projects.

Innovation & Adaptability

We constantly seek better ways to meet our client’s needs, and work hard to stay ahead of changing economic and regulatory conditions potentially impacting out clients.

We love a good challenge!

Health & Safety

If we cannot to our work safely and go home to our loved ones at the end of the day, it loses all of its meaning. The health & safety of our employees and people we work with on our projects is part of every step of our projects. Blackbird’s personnel is trained to carry out difficult technical tasks safely, and Blackbird is committed to continuous improvement of our health & safety procedures in cooperation with our industry partners.

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