Blackbird's Core Expertise

Integrated Problem-Solving in Oil & Gas and Agriculture

Blackbird’s team has extensive training and experience in ecology as well as agricultural and industry processes and technologies. This enables Blackbird to offer problem-solving approaches to questions at the interface of industrial projects and agricultural production, which is unique to the environmental consulting industry in northeastern British Columbia.

Informed Decision Support in evolving Regulatory Regimes

The rules and regulations surrounding the development of natural resources in BC are constantly evolving. Blackbird’s commitment to continuous professional development and excellent horizontal integration in the professional networks in our industry enable us to provide practical, timely advice on the environmental aspects of industry project permitting, monitoring, operations, and reclamation.

Ongoing Innovation

Since its inception, Blackbird has effectively utilized modern technology where it makes sense to support a project. We are set apart by our ability to acquire, process, analyze and present a wide range of high-quality spatial information, including satellite multispectral data, aerial imagery or information acquired with one of our remotely controlled aircraft systems.

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