Remote Sensing & GIS

We’re strong believers in employing modern technology where it improves project results, saves time and money for our clients, and reduces personnel exposure to worksite hazards.

As a result, Blackbird invested in unmanned aerial survey and RTK GNSS technology to support our projects with geo-referenced high-precision aerial imagery and 3D terrain data. Data acquisition through our UAV system is safe, cost-effective and can be completed within tight timelines.

The analysis of spatial data is often a crucial component of natural resource projects. Whether it’s integrating our survey results with your data for planning purposes, creating maps to document regulatory compliance and to support permit applications, or preparing presentation materials for clients and regulatory agencies, we can make your data work for you!

Remote Sensing

  • UAV Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • LandSat Data Analysis
  • Gravel Pit Surveys
  • Photogrammetric Volume Estimates
  • Crop Damage Investigations
  • Project Progress Updates
  • Research Trial Evaluation
  • Landslide Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Precision Farming
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