Construction Project Support Services


Blackbird’s qualified professionals provide a wide variety of construction support services from the layout phase to final reclamation.

We can help project proponents to effectively avoid pitfalls associated with the Migratory Bird Convention Act and other legislation, as well as ensure our client’s expectations with regards to Construction Environmental Management Plans and Environmental Protection Plans are communicated and implemented.  We can also provide project progress utilizing our UAV technology, which is operated by certified and insured equipment operators.

Our staff have extensive experience working on active construction sites, and work hard for our clients to achieve the intended construction outcome.

Construction Support Services

Reclamation & Restoration

Blackbird’s deep and unique understanding of both the agricultural and the oil & gas sectors enables our staff to effectively support reclamation projects in a way no other environmental services company can offer.

We know our soils, and we know what it takes to meet reclamation and restoration objectives in a timely manner.

Similarly, Blackbird has extensive experience in the assessment and restoration of fish and wildlife habitat. Among other projects, we have successfully restored stream crossings, project footprints in caribou habitat, seismic lines and gravel pits.

Blackbird provides reliable reclamation assessments, proven reclamation plans, and effective reclamation support through monitoring or inspections.

Reclamation Services

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