Biology Services

Fisheries and Fish Habitat

Northeastern British Columbia is host to an incredibly wide array of fish populations and habitat types, as well as unique hydrological regimes.

You need an effective partner to be successful in operating near and in streams, rivers and the different fish populations and habitats encountered in the Peace Region.

Blackbird has experienced biologists that can provide efficient stream surveys, fisheries baseline assessments and inventories, environmental flow needs assessments, as well as aquatic impact assessment and mitigation plans.

We know our streams and our fish populations, and the challenges that come along with them. We can work with you on any in-stream project to avoid delays and ensure project success through project planning and permitting support, in-stream work supervision, fish salvage and turbidity monitoring.

Fisheries & Hydrology Services

Wildlife & Wildlife Habitat

Northeastern British Columbia supports an amazing variety of wildlife species, some of which require special management during some or all phases of a project to ensure regulatory expectation and conservation objectives are met.

Our experienced team of registered professionals can identify potential wildlife concerns early on in a project, do the required fieldwork to determine the actual habitat potential, and come up with effective, practical solutions to mitigate any potential risks to wildlife and the project.

Our company is named after a bird species for a reason. We know our wildlife and habitats, and we know what it takes to meet all regulatory requirements.

Blackbird bases all field studies on the highest applicable standard (e.g. RISC inventory standards in BC) to ensure we gather reliable, scientifically sound data for informed decision-making.

Wildlife Projects

Vegetation & Ecosystems

Most industrial projects require the clearing of at least some vegetation. In some instances, it is important to know what kind of vegetation is to be cleared, as you might want to restore it, e.g. following the installation of a pipeline right-of-way.

Blackbird’s professionals can complete scientifically sound, reliable inventories of plant species and ecosystems, and create practical, effective mitigation strategies if required.

Similarly, one of the primary reclamation objectives upon completion of most short-term construction activities is the re-establishment of vegetative cover. The re-vegetation goals for any individual site may vary, but are often related to the reduction of erosion risks, prevention of invasive plant establishment, establishment of cover and forage for wildlife or livestock, and/or the restoration of opportunities for traditional land uses.

Re-vegetating a site is not always easy, but Blackbird’s professional staff can work with you to establish sound reclamation goals, pick the right species and methods for each site and implement the work required to reach your site objectives.

Vegetation Projects

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